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Elevated Mindfulness Tour

Fridays 10am–1pm $129 per person

Meet at our Laguna Beach Magic 420 Lounge, board the luxury Magic 420 Mercedes Sprinter Limo, and let our Cannabis Guide provide:

  • The history and evolution of cannabis

  • The science and its ongoing and revelatory medical interventions

  • The emerging industry in California and beyond

  • Private tour of an industry-leading dispensary Santa Ana

  • Overview of all cannabis products and their safe and practical use

  • Exclusive Magic 420 discounts on select products

  • Waters and healthy snacks

 After visiting the dispensaries, we head to a beautiful beach to elevate the senses with:

  • Yoga stretches, grounded poses to check in (not out)

  • Tibetan Gong Sound Bath, a sonic vibrational experience

  • Aromatherapy, awakening the olfactory with essential oils

  • Taste therapy, engaging the salivary glands with mindful eating

  • Kaleidoscope Gazing, a cosmic eyeball massage

  • Gratitude circle the amplify the positive mind

You will feel relaxed, renewed, and fully alive with elevated and enlivened sensory stimulation. And you'll have some new friends. 

Limited to 8 passengers, 21 and old