Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone go?

Anyone 21 years of age or older can go. You must show a valid ID.

Magic 420 Tours - FAQS

Does everyone consume?

Consumption is 100% optional

Is it safe?

With anything, education, self-control and common sense are keys. If you have chronic illness, check with your doctor. 

Cannabis has extremely powerful mind-altering components. Moderation is always critical. Cannabis products today are more powerful than ever. We highly discourage edible consumption because it is time released and unpredictable. We also do not condone mixing cannabis with alcohol or any other drugs at any time.

That said, you will be asked to sign a liability release, and you are 100% responsible for your safety and welfare.

Is This Trip Good For First Timers?

This is the absolute best way to experience cannabis for the first time. Your health and wellbeing are paramount to us. Our Cannasseurs are experts in the field and provide tremendous guidance on what strains and products might be right for you. You are in a safe, supportive environment.

How Much Can I Buy?

California law restricts sales of adult-use cannabis to 1 ounce of flower and 100 combined grams of other products per dispensary visit. If you carry a valid California medical marijuana license, you can purchase a lot more.

Can I smoke or carry when I drive, or am the passenger in a car?

No. Like alcohol, California prohibits the consumption or open carry of cannabis in a car, whether you are the driver or passenger. But you can in a limousine when the driver is fully petitioned. For that reason, if you elevate on a Magic 420 Tour, we highly recommend you arrange for transportation upon return.