HIGHlights in Cannabis Tourism

At this very moment, while you are reading this, scores of people all over California are sitting in living rooms, plotting ways to get rich on the next gold rush.

Weed. The new dot com. It will rival alcohol in size and scope, because Californians, like the rest of the world, have an insatiable desire to take the edge off. And on January 1, 2018, a new  multibillion-dollar industry was birthed: recreational, adult-use cannabis.

Who are these “cannapreneurs?” The usual. Mostly white males of privilege, circling their next kill. Who else can afford the millions it costs to open sleek storefronts, or massive grow facilities, plus all the legal maneuvering that comes with it. Capitalism, baby. Want a permit for a dispensary or cultivation? Better know or contribute to people in high places, because local municipalities are presiding over a game show called, “Who wants to be a millionaire?” It’s the one category of retail that Amazon can’t wreck. Yet.  

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